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more than the namesake of a brand, boy hart embodied a lot of what our world is missing today + we hope wearing this brand brings a little of it back to the  •the handshake era•boy hart was a true texas cowboy. living a life full of integrity, heart, honor + grit.they didn’t make ‘em any tougher than boy and his famous saying said it all. ‘if hard work killed ya, i’d be dead’.his heart was just as grand. he worked hard • he loved hard + he was equally known for both.born into a family of thirteen his sisters lovingly called him ‘baby boy’ + it stuck. he was boy hart for life.a family man through and through boy cared for his wife of sixty years + their five children. 4 sons + one daughter. instilling in them all his love for Jesus + work ethic. he worked as the foreman for the UU ranch for thirty five years +  then his own boy hart ranch until the age of eighty two. the boyhart brand hopes to pay tribute to the boy hart’s of this world + point us all back to those timeless values.

hill country

when the simple act of getting dressed + accessorizing is a small reminder to be a light shining for Jesus + walk in integrity… taking it back to the         ‘handshake era’

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