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katie + bristol

in a chance meeting at a football game katie + bristol discovered more than just a shared interest in their boy’s sports. their humble upbringings + experiences as single moms laid a foundation for a deep bond + friendship they knew was designed and timed perfectly by Jesus.

katie soon joined forces with bristol in the world of real estate + their like mindedness proved to be quite a force.

it was there and on the daily they discovered the authenticity of their personal styles which basically consisted of a graphic tee, hoodie and trucker hat. they decided to channel that genuine spirit into a brand. a brand that goes beyond fashion. something to reflect who they are + a nod to timeless values. with a desire to be a light in this world, they aim to bring back the essence of days when a handshake once sealed a contract. when it symbolized trust, integrity + hard work. which they believe are the cornerstones of success. the brand stands not just a collection of clothes but as a small guide to point people to Jesus + values that really matter. 


The name boy hart carries a profound significance. inspired by katie’s granddad, boy hart. a true texas cowboy who embodied the values of the handshake era with his dedication to jesus, his family + hard work. merging this legacy with the profound love both katie + bristol hold for their own boys, the name became more than just a brand. it became a perfect + fitting representation of their shared values. boy hart not only pays homage to the past but also symbolizes a commitment to preserving those timeless principles for the future.

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